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Terms & Conditions

1. These terms of business between Definitive Recruitment Solutions (“the
Company”) and the employer (“the Client”) are deemed to be accepted by the Client
from the time of a request to interview or engage a candidate introduced by the
Company. For the purposes of these terms the word “introduced” shall be deemed to
include without limitation the provision by the company of any details whether
written or oral of a candidate. For the purposes of these terms the work “engage”
shall be deemed to include without limitation the acceptance of a candidate’s services
whether direct or indirect.

2. The fees charged by the Company are as follows:
15% of Total Cost To Company (TCTC)
The above fees are exclusive of VAT and therefore VAT will be added to each invoice
in respect of services rendered.

3. The Client will be liable to pay the Company’s fees as set out at Clause 2 above, if
the Client engages a Candidate introduced by the Company at any time up to 6
months from the date of such introduction or from the date of the Client’s last
interview with the Candidate, whichever is later.

4. Invoices are dated and sent on the day of commencement of the Candidate and are
payable within 20 days of the invoice date.

5. The Client undertakes to notify the company immediately of the intention to engage
a Candidate introduced by the Company or one of the Company’s associates.

6. If within 6 months of the introduction of a Candidate by the Company, the Client
introduces the Candidate to another company, firm, person or body, which accepts
such a Candidate directly or indirectly, then the Client shall be responsible and
immediately liable to pay the full amount of the Company’s introductory fee as if the
Client had employed the Candidate.

7. The Company uses all reasonable endeavours to ensure that its Candidates are
efficient, honest and reliable but the Client hereby acknowledges that no warranty
can be given by the Company in this regard and it is the entire responsibility of the
Client to ensure that the Candidate is suitable for its requirements.

10. Neither the Company or the Company’s staff or associates shall be responsible for any
loss or liable for any damage caused to the Client, it’s staff or property as the result of an
introduction effected by the Company, the Company’s staff or associates.

11. The company will only provide references, ITC and criminal record checks on request
from the client.
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